Sara Lytle


Sara Lytle has been abolishing blandness forever. You know, since birth.

Her creative career began over thirty-plus years ago, in the ad biz,

which became a party and event design biz; 

followed by a segue into the world o’ fashion,

with crazed one-of-a-kind crocheted wearables, debuting in NYC and Paris.


Then something odd hit.  After a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, 

Sara gave her weary bod a rest. She tucked away the crochet hooks, 

and dove back into her original art form, finger-painting


Morphing still, Sara has now hitched her wild paintings with digital work.

Thanks to not-so-gentle nudging from friends and daughter, Haisly, 

she now has a ball, creating wacky greeting cards, 'er "cawds."


The first line o’ cawds, taking flight July 2018, is based on Sara’s abstract images of crows.

More cawds, visiting more topics, are in the incubator and could hatch at any moment.


Feel free as a bird to bookmark our site and check back often.

Haisly, the behind the scenes force of CAWDS, and her mama Sara, 

are beyond tickled you want to ABOLISH BLANDNESS!

Sara Haisly AB.jpeg